Victor Hypernano X 900 Badminton Racket Written Review

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Background Hypernano X 900 is the new flagship badminton racket from Victor in their "all around / even balance" range.  HX900 is the successor to HX800 which was a great looking racket although it was met with mixed reviews. [...]

Badminton Racket Maintenance Video – Grommets

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Before I restring a badminton racket, there are several checks I undertake, which I consider to be critical in order to prolong the life of the new string I put in. I highly recommend you inspect your grommets, or [...]

Victor Thruster K 9900 Badminton Racket Review

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Background Thruster K 9900 Neon Orange is the new flagship racket from Victor in their head heavy range. In Europe TK9900 is featured in the new Victor 2017-18 catalogue. This racket has a bit of [...]

How To Change Badminton Grip – The Master Skill

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I believe that one of the most overlooked skills in badminton is changing grip. If you are a player wishing to improve your skills, it is essential that you master grip changing. To me, it is THE master skill [...]

Essential Badminton Racket Maintenance That Too Many Players Ignore

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This badminton racket maintenance article is long overdue. As a tournament stringer, I see so many different badminton rackets. At tournaments, the pressure is on. There isn’t the time to spend on preparation of a racket. Generally, there’s just [...]

A Stringers Tale From All England Badminton Championships 2017 – Part 3

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Friday is quarter finals day. It’s been a busy week and this day is no exception. We are now catching up on sleep so it’s a late morning although we’re still stringing at 9am. I have a few rackets [...]

APACS Blizzard Pro ZZ Badminton Racket Review

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Background APACS are a well known badminton racket manufacturer from Malaysia. I have reviewed a couple of their badminton rackets in the past and it’s a shame that I rarely have the opportunity to test their latest offerings.  So, [...]