Badminton Training Videos – Using A Tennis Ball To Develop Your Badminton Skills

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Over the years, I’ve designed a range of tools to help develop badminton players at all levels. One of the simplest tools I use, and always carry in my bag is a tennis ball. There are so many uses for [...]

Discover a unique way of receiving badminton coaching, with information and playing analysis available to you wherever you are in the world.

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Since I launched my badminton blog in 2009 I have written numerous articles coaching articles, sometimes covering subjects rarely discussed by badminton players. I’ve also written so many racket reviews and recorded a few videos on specific elements of the [...]

Improving Your Badminton Smash – Exercise 3

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This video provides an overview of the 3rd exercise outlined in my previous article '3 Simple Tips To Increase The Power Of Your Badminton Smash'. PLEASE ONLY VIEW THIS ONCE YOU HAVE READ THE ARTICLE

Badminton Coaching Video Tips – ‘Focal Points On The Net’

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In response to questions asked about my article dated 24th June 2009, I created this Video tutorial to help further explain the 2 coaching tips which relate to 'Focal points on the Net'.

Armchair Badminton Exercises To Improve Your Game – Lesson Two ‘Strengthen the Wrist’

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The second video in my Armchair Badminton Exercises series. This video focuses on strengthening the wrist.   Watch lesson one: Armchair Badminton Exercises To Improve Your Game – Lesson One ‘Grip’ Do you enjoy learning from videos? Why not join [...]