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Over the last few years we have run several Badminton Residential Coaching Weekends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

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great badminton course

What a fabulous coaching course! I attended the intermediate coaching weekend in April 2017 and it definitely met my expectations, you come away from the course with so much knowledge, new tips and skills! Great facilities and coaches.The course was well structured and had amazing coaches with Paul, Stewart and Ross on hand giving helpful advice. Just the slightest change can make a big difference to the shots you play. I have come away from this course after 20+ years playing badminton with a different attitude in the way I position myself and keen now to take the new skills on board to develop my game further.

Thank you Sandra. I'll be expecting to see these improvements creeping onto your game over the next few months.

Coaching weekend April 2017

I attended the intermediate coaching weekend with Paul and his team and what a worthwhile experience it was. Each skill was broken down effectively and although it seemed like a lot of information in one weekend it was taught very well. The team were excellent helpers providing helpful advice at each point but it was also relaxed and lots of fun. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their game. I most certainly feel like the knowledge I have taken away will improve my game over the coming months

Intermediate Coaching weekend 04/2017

I really enjoyed the coaching weekend and would recommend it to anyone who is looking improve their badminton seriously. By breaking down and dissecting all the common shots to the very basic components and building back up from that, everyone went home with better technique and form to start working from. Paul, Ross and Stuart has incredibly keen eyes (and ears) with an amazing ability to spot just what is wrong with your technique and then help to correct accordingly. I also learnt to think and analyse positioning and aspects of the game that I had not done before (watching youtube matches now is a different experience). A core component of the weekend for me that made this course special is the incredibly positive attitude of all the participants. Everyone had one thing in common no matter their ability - the eagerness to learn and improve, and not just for themselves but also for each other. Learning how to practice and correcting each other is definitely something everyone can take back to their clubs.Will be keen to get a sneak preview on what the advanced course entails!

Great Weekend

Attended the April 2017 Coaching weekend. Even though I have been playing for 20+ years I developed some bad habits which Paul/team corrected. I can honestly say those small adjustments have made a huge difference to my game and am now winning more points and not as tired. Until next time, keep up the good work.

It was a pleasure to coach you. You came on the course with the right attitude, looking for improvement but not necessarily huge jumps. Improving by 1% in many areas of your game can and does make a big difference on court.

Weekend away

Amazing facilities !! Amazing coaches and I met wonderful people will highly recommend

Nov coaching weekend

Thanks Paul and co for a fab coaching weekend in a great setting. We were a little apprehensive about the intensity of it but really enjoyed it. It's early days and we haven't yet found enough time to get the practice sessions in that we want to, but have already noticed improvements. Looking forward to putting more into practice in 2017. Thoroughly recommend the weekend, would go again.

Great weekend

This course will not turn you into Chris Adcock over night. This might seem like a negative comment but it isn't. What this course does is supply you with the knowledge of how to perform the shots you need to improve your game and hopefully correct some of the bad habits you may have. We had plenty of time to practise under the watchful gaze of Paul and his brilliant team. By the end of both days I was doing shots I never thought I could do.After going home I thought I'd walk on to court and smash it. Wrong! What you have is a bigger armoury than what you had before you went on the course. What I had to accept is that I was still in the learning phase and the real practise happens when I was back in the real world on court facing opposition. In the beginning I was dropping more of the shots than I was hitting but THEN it clicks into place. I was probably overthinking things and playing "tense". My game has markedly improved and every now & again I amaze myself, my partner and more importantly, my opposition with some of the shots I pull off..Paul & his team were brilliant and unlike other courses for other sports I've trained for, they stayed focused on the task in hand so it was pure coaching and not instructors regaling tales of former glory or how good they are so the coaching you've signed up for is the coaching you get. They offered instruction, advice & tips and not criticisms. They want you to improve whilst enjoying yourself.The facilities are excellent. The rooms were bright and more than adequate. The meals were far better than I expected.(and I can be a fussy eater).Lilleshall is a beautiful place to visit. If you get the time, go for a meander around the grounds - they're rather nice.

October Course

A great coaching weekend, so much more than we imagined from smaller grips, serves to defending smashes everything has improved

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