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Over the last few years we have run several Badminton Residential Coaching Weekends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

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Weekend away

Amazing facilities !! Amazing coaches and I met wonderful people will highly recommend

Nov coaching weekend

Thanks Paul and co for a fab coaching weekend in a great setting. We were a little apprehensive about the intensity of it but really enjoyed it. It's early days and we haven't yet found enough time to get the practice sessions in that we want to, but have already noticed improvements. Looking forward to putting more into practice in 2017. Thoroughly recommend the weekend, would go again.

Great weekend

This course will not turn you into Chris Adcock over night. This might seem like a negative comment but it isn't. What this course does is supply you with the knowledge of how to perform the shots you need to improve your game and hopefully correct some of the bad habits you may have. We had plenty of time to practise under the watchful gaze of Paul and his brilliant team. By the end of both days I was doing shots I never thought I could do.After going home I thought I'd walk on to court and smash it. Wrong! What you have is a bigger armoury than what you had before you went on the course. What I had to accept is that I was still in the learning phase and the real practise happens when I was back in the real world on court facing opposition. In the beginning I was dropping more of the shots than I was hitting but THEN it clicks into place. I was probably overthinking things and playing "tense". My game has markedly improved and every now & again I amaze myself, my partner and more importantly, my opposition with some of the shots I pull off..Paul & his team were brilliant and unlike other courses for other sports I've trained for, they stayed focused on the task in hand so it was pure coaching and not instructors regaling tales of former glory or how good they are so the coaching you've signed up for is the coaching you get. They offered instruction, advice & tips and not criticisms. They want you to improve whilst enjoying yourself.The facilities are excellent. The rooms were bright and more than adequate. The meals were far better than I expected.(and I can be a fussy eater).Lilleshall is a beautiful place to visit. If you get the time, go for a meander around the grounds - they're rather nice.

October Course

A great coaching weekend, so much more than we imagined from smaller grips, serves to defending smashes everything has improved

October 2016 intermediate badminton coaching course

I attended the October 16 course at Lileshall. As an older player of 72yrs I was initialy concerned if I would find the pace and effort of a weekend too taxing. However I found Paul had cleverly planned the weekend so as not to wear us into the ground. I have been coaching myself for the past 24yrs mainly beginners as a BE Coach Part One so was interested to see how things had progressed and what changes there were. I am certainly trying to incorporate some of the coaching tips Paul and the assistant coaches taught us into my games as I still play league and am definately showing my group of ladies I coach once a week new techniques to help them improve. To end I want to say, accommodation was great, food was great, and content of course great. I recommend this course highly, just wish I had been on it years ago .

It was a delight to coach you. In particular I loved your spirit on court and your impatience to learn. Getting it wrong simply wasn't an option which is a fabulous attitude to have.

Fantastic coaching experience

I had been on two other courses before my first intermediate level course run by Paul with the assistance of Ross, Tom, Stuart and Matt, and the difference was immediately noticeable. The attention to detail of Paul and Angie, in terms of making sure everyone was settled, fuelled, watered and relaxed is the first thing that hit me. Then, the way the coaching team work so well together and the almost individual attention they give to each participant was impressive, and finally the content of the intermediate course was so well suited to our needs, in that it ensured we all improved very fundamental elements of our game but also acquired some great little tricks and tips that make you want to dash back to your club and show them off. I attended my second intermediate course a few months after the first, and much like re-reading a good book, took a whole different set of learning away. The second was a smaller course with an exceptional coach to student ratio of 1 to 4, which allowed the participants to get individual coaching on aspects of the game not specifically covered in the course even while having plenty of practice on the core scheduled aspects . Paul had evolved the course even in the 4 months since the previous one and the second time round everything really resonated with me. Being able to relax after a tough day mentally and physically is also important and I found the single en suite accommodation and the wide range of healthy eating options at Lilleshall markedly better than those on offer at the National Badminton Centre.

Advanced Coaching Weekend - September 2016

I wanted to thank Paul, Ross, Stuart and Tom for a fantastic coaching weekend at Lilleshall. You all work so well as a team, complementing each other with tips and suggestions to make sure that everyone gets a good grasp of the drills and makes progress. The course was delivered in a good, friendly environment and there were plenty of laughs along the way too, so it didn’t get too serious!Thanks too to Angie for taking care of all of the admin and ensuring that everything ran smoothly all weekend.It is challenging to take a weekend away to attend a badminton course, but it is well worth it. By working on so many aspects of your game for 2 full days under the watchful eye of the coaches, you make great gains in all areas, but without always realising it as everyone else is doing the same. It is only when you return to your regular game that you start to see the improvements.Thank you all so much for your help and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. To make the most of your efforts I now need to remember to practice, practice, practice! 🙂

Lilleshall September 2016

After a two year break from Lilleshall due to work, it was great to be back. I was really looking forward to working with Paul & his knowledgeable coaches Stuart, Ross & Tom.What I liked about the course was that it was tailored to our top 5 topics that we wanted to improve & then 5 secondary topics.From this Paul collated the information to draw up the weekends itinerary..So finally Saturday morning arrives & everyone is sat ready for me to make my entrance ? Or as others might say a little bit late, And I didn't miss the warm up lol.Paul had been working on how to improve your forehand over head shots, to which initially I struggled, but Paul spent time to make sure that all of us managed to pick up the technique before moving on to an even bigger nemesis of mine & well most people's (the back hand cross court smash. Oops that's next years wish lol.) The back hand clear, Yet again I struggled initially, so Paul broke down the move & gradually built all the pieces so I could get the understanding of the technique, to which I came away happy that I knew the technique, now it's down to good old practice.Although you do coaching, something's slips & bad habits take over till Paul & his coaches eagle eyes spots a few & point this out. For me serving, since being away my lower rib had moved higher. Taking a wider stance when moving etc, correcting my flick serve. Gradually your game comes back as you make these small but fundamental changes, everythings working smoothly & with little effort.One of Paul's innovative ideas to improve your low serve was his net above a net to ensure that when you serve the shuttle cross the net skimming the tape, my best effort was 3 on the bounce.These are my high lights but could go on.I came away feeling good & sharper ready for the new season. I made a real effort to be relaxed & felt I made some good break throughs.My Clears & smashes were stronger & crisper, for the first time I feel with work I will conquer the back hand clear.Lilleshalls accommodation & food was of its usual high quality, ensuring you gained balanced nutritional meals.The weekend flew by & ran smoothly thanks to Angie who ensured welcome packs & all the admin was taken care off to ensure a great weekend was had by all.So thank you Paul, Angie, Stuart, Ross & Tom.

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