Badminton Jump SmashOver the last year I have noticed an increase in emails from players enquiring about fitness training for badminton or improving leg strength to increase speed on court. In particular, I receive a lot of enquiries over training to increase jumping power especially to increase the vertical jump on a smash.

I am the first to admit that whilst I understand and have learnt a great deal about training for badminton, there are other experts internationally who know a great deal more than me.

You sometimes have to look beyond the sport to find information that you can use to improve the sport. I therefore began a search into other sports where high intensity movement is required, coupled with extreme jumping skills. The sport I found which offered the most interesting and in some respect similar movement was basketball.

Think about it. Basketball is a high intensity game with a lot of changing of direction, speed over small areas, lunging and jumping. The movement patterns may differ but the type of movement required is certainly worthy of further investigation.

Having decided this was the sport to scrutinise, I then looked around the sport for the serious trainers and in particular, who offered something very specialised…and I found it!

Badminton Jump SmashSo, let me introduce you to a program that is specifically designed to improve vertical jumping power. The principles in this program are sound and it is clear that Jacob Hiller, the creator of the program, has done extensive research into this subject and gets successful results. He has worked with a lot of well-known basketball groups and players to help them achieve greater results than they have ever done using other specialists so I believe you can rely on him to deliver. He has also been asked to work with sportspeople in other sports such as volleyball, so this proves that the physical skills he teaches are totally transferrable to other sports.

I am hoping to interview Jacob soon and get his thoughts on jump smashing in badminton. However, for now check out his program. It could be the missing link that teaches you how to train your body to achieve the jump smash success of the pro’s.

You can also download his free ebook which has links to some interesting articles: Download EBook

If you decide to give this a go, please let me know how you get on!