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Mark Colbourne, Paralympic Gold Medalist proud to say he is a JuicePlus customer, using the products as an excellent foundation for his daily nutrition.

Bear Grylls has been taking Juice Plus for years. He understand the importance of getting enough fruit & vegetable nutrients in your daily diet.

‘Your body is a machine, you’ve got to put the good stuff in, if your going to get the good stuff out’

Dr. David Phillips is a former All-American swimmer who specializes in Sports Medicine. In this video, he advises that we should consume more whole food nutrition to reduce oxidative stress — and emphasizes that exercising doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat anything you want.

Dr. Reginald Fowler practices internal medicine at Piedmont Physicians in Atlanta and is a clinical assistant professor at Morehouse Medical School. In this video, Dr. Fowler discusses how fruits and vegetables help reduce oxidative stress and combat free radicals.

Loren Slocum Lahav is a thriving, successful and dedicated mother, loving wife, distinguished international personal development seminar leader, speaker, Elite Lifestyle coach, huge philanthropist, and internationally published author.

‘What If I had stayed in my head for another 17 years. I had the I’m too cool syndrome. Thought I knew everything about Nutrition and everything about what Juice Plus was. I DID NOT! Grateful that I got out of my own way!

Susie Mitchell was introduced to the Juice Plus business by Loren.

She is a Psycho-Neurologist, Professional Coach and Master Practioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy. She is the author of ‘Satnav for the Soul’, writes for newspapers and magazines, has appeared on TV and Radio and is a motivational and a keynote speaker.

We are part of Susie’s Juice Plus team.

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