Over the last few years we have run many Badminton Residential Coaching Weekends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, along with One Day Courses in varying locations around the UK.

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Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
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 101 reviews
 by Alex
24-25th September 2022

I find this course is very useful to improve badminton skills. Paul, Angie and team were really helpful and patient teaching me with all the techniques and best practices. They checked on me during the course, and gave feedback so I could do it properly.

They really wanted us to get better, learn new skills in this course, and take away the (correct) techniques post course. I really recommend this course, especially if you want to improve your skills and learn the technique properly. Apart from that, the location is stunning and food were great, too.

 by Hiten Zaveri
24th/2th Sept '22

I've known of this course for 10 years and for whatever reason have not attended. So I took the plunge, was absolutely the right decision to finally go. I now ask myself why I did not go earlier.

The week/e is tiring and there is a lot of play involved. Paul also did some 1-on-1 coaching on my defence game, an area I think needed improving considering i'm an advanced player. His guidance and technique understanding really did click with me. Have played a few league matches since, I absolutely see a massive difference - it's like night & day, no exaggeration.

Paul, Angie & the rest of the team are Awesome, this is a coaching weekend for any type of player, experience, no matter what age. If you're willing to learn new techniques and see errors in your ways, attending this is a strong must. You will not regret it.

Thanks Paul - if you do come to London to do your courses (as we discussed), please let me know as I'd definitely like to attend.


 by Adrian Millichip
24/25th September

I would say this was the best decision I have ever made and improved my whole game. A must for anyone no matter what level you are. A big thank you to Paul, Angie and the team.

 by Luuk Bosma
18-19th of June 2022

I'm gonna keep it short and only say the things you need but It was an amazing experience to never forget!!
- The course is really for any level or age! Don't have doubts if you're good enough! You are!!
- Paul and his team are very friendly folks who can basically teach anyone who wants to learn (Even if you don't want to, you're gonna learn something here ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
- Paul and Angie are very nice when it comes to helping international players like myself who come over. They helped me with transportation and food which isn't a guarantee but it was still nice of them ๐Ÿ™‚
- When you get there they advise to take notes. I highly recommend you do this. I ended up with a list of 40 badminton technical things they taught me and 20+ mental, coaching and club related things
- When it comes to the coaching Paul and his team use a lot of positivity and they give you a lot of attention. They couldn't have done a better job in my opinion
-Be openminded when you get to the course. Not everything is as exciting but it will have a tremendous result
-Make use of the opportunity and ask a lot of question. All the coaches there like it when you do.
- If you have doubts, JUST GO!

If you go I wish you lot's of fun and hope you bring a lot of information home.

Have a good one and thanks again Paul, Angie, Vernon, Awesome lady I forgot the name of (Sorry, I'm bad with names but you were great!) and the rest of the team!!


 by Roy Dagostino
June 22

It was a revelation to find out I wasn't hitting the shuttle properly, you could tell just by the sound it made as it left the strings. I accepted that I needed to improve. The course was fantastic, improving and embedding technique. I also found it helped improve my confidence and self belief on the court.

During the 2 days I learned how to generate power properly with much less physical effort, move about the court efficiently, set up for shots so the chance of hitting the shuttle correctly is increased, and generate power from a backhand grip without breaking a sweat or hurting my arm. God bless the sweet spot for hitting, and learning to get yourself in position and set up properly to do this every time. Sweet spot, Sweet shot !!

The 2 days are in a learning atmosphere, combined with good facilities and excellent coaches who want to build on the basics at the right pace. The shot builds are in an order which allows you to transition to the other court areas and racquet positions easily. The practice allows you to embed the positions and shapes saving energy, allowing you to glide back to your starting point.

If you want to improve your shot making and increase your confidence, then this course is right for you. Paul and his team have the skills to be able to help in a way which is easy to understand. If you're open to change, willing to listen, and don't mind making a few mistakes I would say improvement is guaranteed. I'm banking on winning more points, and more games in the future.

I met many people returning from previous courses whilst I was there, I look forward to being one of that team in the future.

I now feel I can play with renewed enthusiasm and more confidence. I now understand how to generate power with small racquet movements, fast hands and a squeeze at the right time. Am I perfect ? no, however I can feel and hear when I've played the shot properly, I can track the shuttle to the sweet spot for hitting, and set up to hit the shot properly. Now time for testing out at game and match speed !


 by Graham Dawson
November 2021

Having not played regular Badminton for 18 mths I was somewhat reticent about attending a weekend of full on Badminton. It was actually the best way to get back into the game. It is all about getting the strokes correct and the pace was not intense. It was like learning how to play over again. I feel a lot more confident now about playing at club level, my backhand is better and I can move more confidently to the back of the court.

The ratio of coaches to pupils is very good and I have lots of information to work on. The video library is an excellent revision and I will going back again to reinforce the learning. You will learn a lot in a weekend. Highly recommended.

 by Gwyn
11-12 Spetember 2021

Hi Paul and Angie

I enjoyed the weekend so much. It was quite demanding physically and that I enjoyed too. I learnt lots and as you say, to be slowly introduced into play. I'm receiving a few expletives in response to my much improved serve!

The location was stunning, such a relaxing atmosphere at Lilleshall. Best of all was the team that made it all happen. Great organizing by Paul and Angie, and excellent coaches.

 by Tony Hobbs

About three years ago I attended a weekend course as an ok club intermediate player; nothing more. In my early 60s I knew I could no longer rely just on fitness and needed greater tactical awareness.
Since then I have, in my age group, won regional and national tournaments in Spain (where I live) - Menโ€™s doubles and Mixed - with a national ranking of first and third, respectively.
The course lifted my games several levels!

Tony, many thanks for your kind comments and many congratulations on implementing so well that you've transformed your game. I am delighted for you

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