Over the last few years we have run many Badminton Residential Coaching Weekends at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, along with One Day Courses in varying locations around the UK.

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Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
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 93 reviews
by Chen on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
Oct 2020

This was my second time attending Paul's course and I learned a lot, from refining some of the basics to some of the more advanced techniques. Paul and the coaches are very knowledgable and will always have so much time for you. Thoroughly recommended if you want to improve your game.

by Kairan on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
29th OCT 2020

Catered for every standard. Paul and the team helped me to revisit the skills I had and helped me to regain confidence in playing. Will definitely go again!

by KWAME GAD on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
Oct 31st -Nov 2nd

Thanks Paul, the weekend was fantastic, There was a lot of information , lots to take in lots to do, so definitely value for money.
I appreciated the clear demonstrations and the time coaches spent with us ensuring we understood the techniques.
I am looking forward to the chance to apply the learning of the various areas like racquet grip, and the various shot techniques and the tips to remembering and applying the techniques tactics on the final part of the last day were very informative too.
Stewart and Dom were great coaches too thanks to the team
Thanks also to Angie keeping us updated with information up to the last minute in case of any changes.
I would highly recommend the course - 5-stars all the way.

It was a pleasure to meet and coach you. Your desire to learn will help you apply the new techniques. Keep practicing grip changes whilst in lockdown as it will help. Hopefully you'll find some room to practice your throwing technique too.

by Tracy on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
Several (Last time Nov 2019)

I have attended several courses now and would highly recommend. Paul and his team of coaches not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience but they are really helpful and approachable as well. I defy anyone to come away from a weekend without at least half a dozen things to try that will improve their game - sometimes just tiny little things that can make a really big difference, or a phrase or way of explaining something that gives you one of those lightbulb moments. I have really enjoyed the training and will definitely come again.

by Jon Malabuyoc on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
14-15 September 2019

The experience was brilliant! In the space of 2 days a lot of lessons has been covered which is really beneficial for those who want to develop their technique and performance. The course made me aware of the bad habits which important in improving performance. I highly recommend the course. The venue Lilleshall was great. Excellent facility and accommodation. Paul and his team were amazing, very helpful and supportive. The team really pushed the attendees to improve themselves. They provided excellent coaching and feedback. I'm in the plan of attending another session in the future.

It's always a delight to coach players at Lilleshall. You made great progress over the weekend and i look forward to seeing you again in the future.

by Michael on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
8-9 June 2019

This is easily the best coaching I've had, it's a really in-depth couple of days and time very well spent. I've played for a number of years and knew some areas needed improvement but hadn't expected such a thorough step-by-step assessment of every aspect of my shot production. The course has really helped me think more about my games on court and to play 'smarter'....and, there has been some improvement...!!

No hesitation in recommending Paul's course and plan to attend again later this year.....

by Antony Norton on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
June 2019

I just like to congratulate you both on the wonderful experience of being coached by your friendly, knowledgeable and approachable team. And personally like to thank you for the help I have received in improving my game.

Having not had any coaching before, this was a big eye opener for me as much of my game was bad habits, although I am a natural athlete and quite rapid around the court, I have found the tips picked up during the weekend have been hugely beneficial and find myself being quite mindful of my movements, which will only improve my game eventually.

Going back to my club I have found it quite difficult to put what I have learnt into match play, and can only emphasise the importance of practicing, allowing it to become a natural part of my game, giving time for my brain to adjust to this is ke y. Until it is all natural for me with regards new techniques (where practice will help), I will take your advice and just focus on one element, being net play or stance etc.

The weekend on a whole was a huge success and I would certainly recommend to anybody that is thinking of improving their game this programme. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I will certainly look at attending again in the near future.

Anthony, so pleased to see you have understood what this weekend is about. Working on one area in your game allows you to fine tune these skills in match play whilst still practicing others areas in readiness for a more focussed approach.

by Slav on Badminton Coach | Advanced Badminton Coaching To Help You Win More Games
8-9 June 2019

My friend and I attended the weekend course in June. We are very pleased to have learned a lot and we left with a good idea of what we need to do to improve our game and how to go about it.
Anyone considering taking part in one of these courses shouldn’t hesitate as it is definitely worth both your time and money. The coaches, venue, and accommodation were all really good.
I have attended a similar course in Milton Keynes however, in my opinion it was nowhere near as good as this one; this is proper training and not a few fancy drills to make you run around and get you tired. Most of us need to eat humble pie and get our basic skills sorted before progressing to more advanced stuff and this this course is perfect place to do it.
The guys at Lilleshall will quickly identify points which need to be improved and help you to readjust and improve. You will be left with solid foundation and tons of material to practice and get better. We shall be coming back in November. Thanks a lot Slav

Slav, it was a pleasure to spend coach you and your friend. There is always so much to learn in this game and I am delighted that you grasped the need to attend to basic skills in order to build a solid platform to move on to more advanced areas. Thanks for the review and I would be delighted to welcome you back to Lilleshall in the future.

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