Why Are Badminton Shuttlecock Speeds In Many Clubs Too Slow?

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Over the years I have written articles and recorded a video on testing badminton shuttlecock speeds. It’s a major frustration of mine that club players on average still play with incorrect speed shuttles. More about that and why it’s [...]

My Top 3 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock Discoveries of 2013

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In June 2009 I wrote an article on shuttles, discussing brands and some of the frustrations badminton players experience with shuttles. I’ve also written articles on shuttles testing and shuttle speeds, even recording a video to demonstrate how to [...]

Plastic Shuttles versus Feather Shuttles…Let The Debate Begin!

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I recently received an email from a player asking for my views regarding using plastic shuttles over feather shuttles. The preceding article is basically my response with a few edits and additions… A few years ago I wrote a [...]