Badminton Training Videos – Using A Tennis Ball To Develop Your Badminton Skills

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Over the years, I’ve designed a range of tools to help develop badminton players at all levels. One of the simplest tools I use, and always carry in my bag is a tennis ball. There are so many uses for [...]

Badminton Coaching for Pairs, Teams, Groups and Clubs

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This article has resulted from a recent enquiry for my residential coaching weekend. Here’s the story… A previous attendee from my first residential coaching weekend recently emailed me expressing interest in the Advanced Course in September. He explained that his [...]

Physical Training in Badminton to Increase Your Vertical Jumping Power?

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Over the last year I have noticed an increase in emails from players enquiring about fitness training for badminton or improving leg strength to increase speed on court. In particular, I receive a lot of enquiries over training to [...]

Review of the StrengthPro Badminton Training Rackets

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Once in a while a new product is launched in the badminton world which helps players improve their game. Recently I was sent two “training” racquets for evaluation, which is something I rarely do. However, I’m always open-minded and like [...]

Simple Training Ideas To Prepare You For The New Badminton Season

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For many, badminton is a seasonal sport. As soon as the leagues and tournaments are over, the racquets are put away and “summer” begins. This may mean dusting off your old tennis racquets or cricket whites, or simply taking [...]

Advanced Armchair Badminton Exercises

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In this third Armchair Badminton Exercises video I focus on improving your wrist and forearm strength further using everyday household objects.   Other Videos In The Armchair Badminton Exercises Series: Lesson 1 [...]