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Badminton Racket Reviews

As a badminton coach, I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try different rackets from time to time. Here are my impartial reviews of new badminton rackets to help you understand what is best for you.


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Badminton Coaching Videos to help you become a better player with additional video analysis and feedback to correct your technique.


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Intermediate and advanced residential courses open to individuals, pairs, teams and clubs, currently based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire, UK.

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This was the first of Paul’s courses I have attended and it won’t be the last. It really focused on shot technique as well as a good amount of tactics. I have come away finding myself thinking a lot more about shot placement, the type of shot to use in certain situations as well as shot technique. I have since found myself winning points a lot more simply! Great facilities, great course content and well worth the money for any badminton player wishing to improve.
Ben Williams, Lilleshall Oct 2013
I traveled from Germany to attend this coaching weekend and can thoroughly recommend Paul’s course. As well as the technical knowledge, structured in such a way that each exercise clearly built on the ones that preceded it, what impressed me the most was the passion for the game shown by all the coaches, who were incredibly open to answering questions and passing on their insights and experience both during and outside the core coaching hours…
Tom Baker, Lilleshall May 2014
I have to say this course was absolutely AMAZING! I loved every minute of it and definitely wouldn’t hesitate to go back again! I learned so much from the course and I can’t wait to put it into practice when my new season starts in September. Paul picked me up from the Airport which I am so grateful for as it meant I avoided extra cost by having to get a taxi or train. and Lilleshall national sport’s center is an amazing place highly recommended. All in all it was a Fantastic weekend.
Gordon Aitken, Lilleshall May 2014