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Paul Stewart International Badminton Coach
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Paul Stewart International Advanced Badminton Coach

I created this site in 2009 to share my passion and knowledge of badminton.

As an Advanced International Badminton Coach, I mainly help players on a one to one basis (mainly across Cheshire and Manchester), via my online badminton coaching club and at my UK weekend residential courses (where I regularly have players flying in from abroad). I also receive invitations to coach players abroad and am happy to travel.

As well as badminton coaching tactics, strategy, hints & tips, I publish badminton racket reviews. These reviews offer my personal opinion of a racket based on look, feel, overhead performance, defence and net play. It is important to note that my reviews are my own, and not bias towards any brand. I always recommend that players test rackets for themselves when ever possible.

I am sponsored by a leading Badminton brand called Victor and helped establish their Ambassador program in the UK, enabling players across the country to ‘try before they buy’. I also attend the All England tournament each year, heading up Victor’s stringing team.

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UK Residential Badminton Weekend Course Testimonials

Brilliant course and completely exceeded my expectations. I went along keen to learn but not sure how I would cope with better players and a full weekend of intensive coaching and I absolutely loved it. Paul and his whole team of coaches were all, without exception, extremely insightful, supportive and encouraging. I was amazed at the difference the smallest tweaks made to my game and I’ll be going back next year for more!

Natalie - May 2016
Just want to thank Paul, Angie, Dom, Tom and Stuart for a really informative and enjoyable weekend. The weekend was set up really well, and don’t think I could fault it! You always had someone close by giving you coaching tips on the specific drill, and tweaking certain things to bring out the best in your game. I would 100% recommend these weekends to anyone, I can’t thank you enough Paul and all the others, and I look forward to booking the next one!
Dom - March 2016
Simply brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching weekend with Paul and his team, i have come away with some immediate improvements, and much to think about and try, try, try! My expectation for this course was to iron out some of the habits i have picked up over the years, and improve some aspects of my game where i knew i was weaker; it did that and much more. Pauls ability to dissect my game, show where faults lie and how to improve them instantly was quite incredible. And of course trying some new moves on court which i have never considered. Paul was also keen to push you that bit further where he could, allowing you to gain as much out of the weekend as possible.
Colin - May 2016

A great coaching weekend, so much more than we imagined from smaller grips, serves to defending smashes everything has improved

Paul - October 2016
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