The Yonex Astrox 77 Pro was the last of the peformance badminton rackets to be launched in this series.

Whilst it may be the last, it could also be the hidden gem, with a more user-friendly specification, finding favour with amateur and professional players.

Find out more in this badminton racket review video.

(If you would prefer a written version of this video, there is a transcript further down)

Yonex Astrox 77 Pro Badminton Racket Review – Video Transcript

Every once in a while a racket comes along and it’s kind of launched quietly for some strange reason and doesn’t get the accolade it deserves. So I want to introduce you today to the Yonex Astrox 77 Pro.

When the original Astrox Series was launched, the first racket in the series was a 77.

This was soon followed by the 88D, 88S and then the 99, and all of a sudden Yonex withdrew those frames and introduced us to the new 88D Pro, 88S Pro, the 99 Pro, the 100 ZZ, and the last racket in the series then to be launched was the 77 Pro.

I think this deserves a lot more applause than it actually got. It didn’t get many reviews at the time and it certainly didn’t get the big marketing that the other frames seemed to get, and it’s such a shame because I think:

1) it’s a great looking racket and
2) it’s a brilliant racket to play with.

So what makes this different?

Well, I think it’s the shape of the head is a lot more in keeping with the old 88D and 88S and the original 77. I think that’s helped tremendously because I know a lot of players didn’t like the rounder shapes of the new pro versions.

This is also slightly less weight in the head and it’s also medium flex shaft compared to the stiffer shafts of the old 88, 99, 100ZZ.

So this is a far more user friendly racket.

It’s already found favour with professional doubles players and singles players and also a lot of league players. There’s many players I know who have tested the range of rackets. I’ve kind of mentioned already and this has found particular favour with them because it’s so user friendly.

So as I say, this is a medium flex and less head weight which means it’s really fast in defensive, it’s fast round the net, but it’s also still got enough weight in here for the powerful smashes in the rear court and for some players they need some headway, but not too much in order to generate the hand speed up top there for smash power, and this really ticks a lot of boxes for that reason alone.

But it’s also, as I say great defensively it manoeuvers so well. Fairly aerodynamic frame. Not as aerodynamic as some of the other frames such as the Arcsaber 7 Pro or the new Nanoflare 1000 Z but it’s such a fast frame and such a reliable frame as well.

So if you get the chance to test any of the top of the range Astrox rackets, make sure you get a chance to test this particular one as well which is the Astrox 77 Pro.

I think you’ll be surprised that this may actually be the one for you.

Being that little bit lower down in the range, it’s slightly cheaper as well, and I think this is an absolute gem.

So if you get the chance, give this one to go and see if you find it to be as nice as I do.

This is the Astrox 77 Pro,

I hope you have enjoyed this particular video.

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