My Top 3 Badminton Feather Shuttlecock Discoveries of 2013

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In June 2009 I wrote an article on shuttles, discussing brands and some of the frustrations badminton players experience with shuttles. I’ve also written articles on shuttles testing and shuttle speeds, even recording a video to demonstrate how to [...]

Plastic Shuttles versus Feather Shuttles…Let The Debate Begin!

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I recently received an email from a player asking for my views regarding using plastic shuttles over feather shuttles. The preceding article is basically my response with a few edits and additions… A few years ago I wrote a [...]

5 Steps To Significantly Reduce “Home” Advantage & Gain Valuable Extra Points In Your Away Badminton Matches

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During my travels and discussions with players, I’m amazed at the number of times I’m told stories of major defeats, with the only reason given was that they played on the opponents “home” badminton court. For most badminton tournaments [...]