Initially I had no intention of reviewing clothing, shoes or bags on my blog. But, having worn the Yonex SHB200 shoe for a few sessions I thought I had to say something.

OK, you know I’m a Yonex fan! But, if I don’t like something, I won’t write about it.

First off, I purchased these shoes having tried them in a shop. I was not given the shoes as part of my sponsorship.

I wanted a pair of shoes that were really comfortable for the times when I’m coaching all day. So, the extra support was a major part of my decision making.

Initially, when I first saw this shoe I expected it to be much heavier than my others because of the “built-up” heel. Wrong! They are still a very light shoe and considerably lighter than the shoes I was coaching in earlier this year.

My other concern was the potential for lateral instability because of a more built-up heel. Wrong again. When tested I found I could move just as well in these shoes and there wasn’t a single occasion where I went close to going over on my ankle. Huge relief.

The heel area is different to my other shoes. There isn’t quite the sense of the shoe wrapping around the foot and locking you in compared to my SHB 100MX, but it’s still a good snug fit.

Within a very short while I forgot I had a different pair of shoes on and could easily have played a game or two.

Overall, this is a really good shoe. There’s extra “impact protection” with the built-up heel and I certainly feel that I could “live” in these shoes. They will certainly be an asset when I’m coaching for long periods.

RRP on Yonex SHB200 is £80.00. Is this expensive? Difficult to say. Chances are you’ll pick up a pair for £70.00 or less with the discounts available online. I haven’t researched the market well enough to know what the competition has to offer, but I know enough good players who choose this brand of shoe year after year to confirm that they consistently perform well.

On my rating system, these shoes are awarded 4.5 stars as it would be great to get to have the “wrap-around” feel alongside the additional support in the heel. Try a pair for yourself.