Yonex Armortec 600 Badminton Racquet

Yonex Armortec 600 Badminton Racquet

The Armortec range of racquets has improved in 2009 with the introduction of 4 new racquets – the 600, 70MG, 50 and 30.

The Yonex Armortec 600 is positioned towards the top of the range. As I already use Armortec Power 900 I was looking forward to comparing these racquets.

Straight out of the bag the racquet felt nice. It’s well balanced, nice graphics with a mix of sliver, purple and black. It’s strung reasonably tight although considerably less than the 24 lbs tension in my racquet so I knew I would have to make adjustments to my shots.

The racquet is available as a 4U G4. This means the weight is around 81-85g and the grip size is small. This didn’t matter as it’s the same as my 900 although for this test I didn’t build the grip to my specification.

As you would expect from a racquet at this level, it performed admirably in all areas. The nice balance meant it was quick although not as fast as a Nano series racquet. There’s plenty of power and a little extra “kick” courtesy of the flexible shaft.

When I chose this racquet, I hadn’t read the specification in the Yonex catalogue so I was very surprised to read it had a flexible shaft – I really hadn’t noticed during my test. Perhaps I’m so familiar with the Yonex range now having tested a number of their racquets that it’s like going over old ground again – very familiar.

There were no surprises with this racquet, it’s a good solid racquet with plenty to offer you. It’s one of those racquets that you know you can depend on no matter what your opponent throws at you. With tighter stringing and a grip I’d be hard pushed to distinguish this from my Power 900, it’s that good.

RRP is £110 so expect to pay under £100. Value for money I’d rate the Yonex Armortec 600 as a 5 star racquet – my first 5 star rating. It’s got everything although I suspect that power players may avoid this racquet because they don’t need the flexible shaft. If truth be told, there are very few out and out power players in league badminton. There are one or two very hard hitters but if every player’s smash could be analysed, only a small percentage would qualify in this department. So, overall this racquet will suit the majority of players.

Because racquet choice is so personal I urge you to try as many as you can before making your choice. Find a retailer who supplies demo racquets so you get the best chance of finding the right one for you. Unless you have a smaller budget, make sure the Armortec 600 is on your list to try this season, you’ll be glad you did.