Yonex Arcsaber 9 Racquet

I’ve been asked by a number of people recently when I was going to review this racquet, so here it is…

The Yonex Arcsaber 9 has been hailed as a “ladies” racquet although apart from the colour scheme I have to question why at this point.

Straight out of the bag this racquet has been strung tight. I’m not sure what tension Yonex string their top of the range racquets, but the tension in this racquet was almost comparable with my Armortec 900 Power recently strung at 24lbs. I wouldn’t expect many good players to need a restring when first purchasing the racquet, although I appreciate how personal tensions can be. Look out for my article on stringing tensions very soon.

The overall feel of this racquet and playability for that matter is very similar to Arcsaber 7. The shaft is a medium flex so there is plenty of power for those of us not blessed with the hardest of smashes.

It’s also really quick around the net. It’s in this area that the racquet really shines. It’s nicely weighted and moves really well although it’s not the lightest of racquets. I wouldn’t say it’s as quick as the Nano series but there again, they are exceptionally fast!

So what’s so different about this racquet. The main feature for me was the shape of the racquet handle. Towards the ferrule (the plastic piece connecting the grip and shaft) the grip tapers so it’s really comfortable to shift your grip up the handle. This allows you to move the racquet really quick for those all important interceptions and net knock offs. It’s so comfortable, the danger here is liking it so much you forget to adjust your grip for power shots from the back of the court.

Another cosmetic twist here is the inset Yonex symbol on the ferrule. It’s a nice touch and is very different from every other racquet in the extensive range. It’s a nice “dainty” touch, some would say “very girlie.”

Cosmetics on this racquet are very striking with a combination of white grip, pink, black and silver graphics – very nice.

Is this really a racquet just for ladies? Certainly not!  It’s a really good racquet as you would expect from a top of the range Yonex. It’s got bags of power for all players and delivers the same degree of accuracy and agility you would find in Arcsaber 10 or 7. It’s just a really nice racquet.

RRP on this racquet is £160.00 which is only £10 short of the top price racquets in the range. My rating would give it a 4.5 star as it’s marked down due to the expensive price tag. Only you’ll know whether it’s right for you so you’ll have to find a retailer who has a demo for you to try.

Overall, it’s a really great racquet, fantastic grip (I hope Yonex consider this shape for other racquets) and bottom line…I think Barbie will love it!