For the first time ever I am delighted to offer a badminton coaching course that aims to bridge the gap between intermediate and advanced standards.

The Intermediate Plus course is designed to build on your current skills and will include the following:

  • Movement to, jumping and recovering from the rear court.
  • Variations in the clear
  • Variations in the drop shot
  • Developing power and accuracy in your smash.
  • Improving your backhand clear.
  • The backhand drop shot
  • Doubles rotation to develop a more attacking game
  • More advanced defence – introducing the drive
  • Developing greater accuracy in your serve both low and flick
  • Movement to the forecourt and recovery
  • Cross court net shots
  • Killing the shuttle at the net
  • More advanced tactics…

Places are limited and would ideally suit both mixed and level double pairs in addition to individuals looking to raise the bar and take their game to another level. You will have to act quickly to secure your place as they tend to fill really fast!

It is not imperative that you attend the intermediate course to qualify for the Intermediate Plus coaching course. However, it is important that you take stock of your current skillset and are confident that you already possess the base skills to be ready for the challenge this course will set.

The price is the same as all of my courses at £275 (read more) and will take place at Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Shropshire.

If you are interested in attending, please click the ‘Apply’ button below & complete the application form.

I will then give you a call so you can tell me about your level of badminton and what you are looking to achieve from the course.

Once accepted on to the course, you will receive an invoice and request for either a £100 deposit or full payment (depending how close to the next course you’ve applied). When your payment is received, this secures your place on the course. A further email is sent to you either requesting a final payment or to send your information pack.