There are times when it is necessary to train at home.

As I write this, Covid-19 is resulting in lockdown situations all around the world. However, it could be you are recovering from an injury and are simply not ready to venture onto court.

This “at home” badminton basics training section is designed to give you ideas on how you can use your time well and either maintain or develop your badminton skills whilst remaining off court.

Fast Badminton Grip Changes

This first badminton basics video focusses on your ability to change grip.

I believe this is the MASTER skill that must be developed in order for you to be able to play advanced shots or simply have your racket in the right place at the right time.

Badminton Wrist & Forearm Strengthening

Building on from grip changes it’s important that you can manoeuvre your racket quickly in any given situation. In order to do this effectively and efficiently you need to develop strong wrists and forearms.

The exercises demonstrated in this video can be done with any style of racket cover, or as I mention in the video, you can even hold 2 rackets together.

Whilst completing these exercises your focus should be on your hands rather than your feet, but it is fine to add footwork if you wish.

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Badminton Clockface Defence

Here’s a great exercise in developing racket control and practicing your defence.

You will need a shuttle feeder for this exercise.

Maintain one grip throughout the exercise. I have used backhand or thumb grip but you could choose bevel grip if you prefer. Better still, try them both!

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