Victor Feather Badminton Shuttles

Recently, I have been using three different Victor badminton shuttles, namely Queen, Gold Champion and Master Ace. The budget standard Queen is a duck feather badminton shuttle that I have used as a feeding shuttle for players. It has therefore had considerable use from badminton players of all standards. I’ve really been impressed by the quality and endurance of this shuttle with the majority still flying well after nearly 8 weeks. That’s amazing.

Gold Champion badminton shuttle is my usual coaching shuttle and it has proved to be incredible value for money. It has always been of consistent flight and speed and I have found that they are far more durable than cheaper shuttles. Club officials need to take note. Test shuttles and look at the value, rather than the price. I use these shuttles in all of my residential weekends and they are just superb.

Master Ace badminton shuttle is the top of the range shuttle from Victor. It is used in some of the big Super-Series shuttles and is the best quality. The shuttle feels slightly heavier on the racket face. The flight of the shuttle is wonderful and the extra spin is noticeable. There is more bite on the base to generate spin but also the spin out of a high return to the rear court is beautiful to see.

I highly recommend all of these shuttles and I’m confident that you will find a shuttle that meets your requirements from Victor