Here are some basic tactics you can use for the return of a low serve in badminton.

The standard reply when returning a low badminton serve, is to lift the shuttle deep into the backhand corner of your opponent’s court and wait for a weak reply. However, there will be a time when you reach a particular standard of play and this reply will not work. What do you do then?

This first of three return of low serve badminton tactics videos provides the answer, showing you where to place the shuttle:

  • to cause indecisiveness and, if played well,
  • to pressurise your opponent into lifting the shuttle.

Following this tactical approach will provide you and your badminton partner with the first opportunity to attack, by hitting the shuttle down at your opponent.

I hope you have enjoyed this badminton tactics video and take the time to go away and practice the technique. If you would like to watch parts 2 and 3 in this return of low serve badminton video series, they are available to members of my Online Badminton Video Library.