The Yonex Aeroclub 07 shuttle is brand new.

Like the rest of the Aerosensa range it has an all cork base. So what’s different apart from the price?

The feathers are duck, rather than traditional goose. As with all Yonex shuttles, straight out of the tube they fly perfectly and the usually high level of consistency. The shuttles were tested in both coaching sessions and games. This is a cheaper shuttle because they are made from duck feathers. Apparently, duck feather takes considerably less time to grow than goose feathers and therefore the “growing” costs are significantly reduced. As I said before, the shuttle flight is very good, typical Yonex. But, this shuttle will not withstand a pounding.

Is it better than Aerosensa 10, 20 or 30? Not sure when competing with Aerosensa 10 or 20. For durability, the Aerosena 30 wins easily. The Aeroclub 07 is considerably cheaper than the Aerosensa range. As a value-for-money shuttle it’s got to rank highly although it wouldn’t be number 1 choice.

The only shuttle speed in UK at the moment is 3. For most halls this is too slow so there is a danger you can get an injury through repetition due to the difficulty in smashing the shuttle to finish the point.

Final thoughts. The Yonex Aeroclub 07 shuttle is worth a try bearing in mind the price. Perhaps it’ll become a summer club or club night shuttle when trying to cut club/team overheads. Rating. 2.5 out of 5.