In my 20 +  years as a coach, I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to test many shuttles. So what do I look for? First of all, out of the tube consistency in speed and flight. You be amazed how many shuttles have failed this simple test. Many years ago, it was common to find at least one “wobbler” in a tube of medium priced-expensive shuttles. Buyers were being conned that they were getting great value for money, when in fact, most of the time they only purchased 11 reasonable shuttles in a tube.

My first encounter with Yonex shuttles was way back in mid 1990’s. Back then I used Aerosensa 50’s. They were by far the best shuttle on the market and personally, I don’t think there is a shuttle on the market today that can compete with Aerosensa 50 quality. But, sadly, they are expensive and are virtually beyond the price points that most players or clubs are prepared to pay. They do say quality comes at a price – that’s the Aerosensa 50. Rating out of 5, I’d say 4 because of the price

OK, so the Aerosensa 50’s are my number choice. So what about the rest of the Aerosensa range. I’ve played with them all and have tested hundreds of dozens in my time so I do feel I’m qualified to review them.

Personally I’m not a great fan of the Aerosensa 10 or 20. Both are nice shuttles. As you would expect from the Yonex range, all the shuttles passed my first test with flying colours. But, despite the cheaper price, I didn’t feel the Aerosensa 10 or Aerosensa 20 lasted as long in hard training conditions as I would have liked. That said, Yoex’s budget shuttles have proved to be consistently better than some brands premium shuttle. If I had to rate them out of 5, I’d say 2 because they aren’t that much cheaper to warrant a 3 in my rating system.

This leaves only 2 shuttles from the range remaining, Aerosensa 30 and 40. I absolutely love both these shuttles. Give n the choice and budget, I’d have the 40’s. Actually, given the right budget I’d have the 50’s! But, let’s be reasonable. Both these shuttles are ideal for club,  league and county play although I suspect the 40’s would fare better at county level. For striking a balance between price and quality I’d give the Aerosensa 30 my highest rating with the Aerosensa 40 a very close second.

I’ve been a serious user of Yonex shuttles for at least 15 years. During this period I’ve only been sponsored by Yonex for 4 years. My rating and review are not based on what my sponsor would like me to say, but purely based on my findings and continuing purchase of the brand. I’d say that the Yonex range is by far the best on the market. Their reputation for high consistency in flight, speedy and quality surpasses any other brand. Every shuttle in the range has a full cork base for the best “feel” off the racquet. I’ve tested a few brands top shuttles who use a composite material alongside cork. I’m not naming them but there is a marked difference in quality.

Final thoughts. Purchasing cheaper shuttles is absolutely fine. But, are you really getting value for money? Do yourself a favour, try a tube of Aerosensa 30’s and monitor usage against your usual brand. I’d be amazed if you used all of the Yonex shuttles ahead of the others. When you’ve done this, work out the real cost per shuttle and then let me know the results. My guess is the Yonex shuttle will outperform the other brands and you’ll find that you’re actually paying more than you think for shuttles because you’re using greater numbers. So take the Stewart test and please tell me your findings, I’m really that interested to know. Cut open the old shuttle and take a look at the base too. Is it all cork or composite? How different do they feel on the racquet? Happy testing.