Yonex Voltric Flashboost – Background

The launch of super-light badminton rackets a few years ago has brought about an interesting option for players. These super-fast frames have been favoured for their fast response although some would report a lack of power in the rear court.

Yonex were early into the market with the Arcsaber Flashboost. In 2017, Yonex launched the Voltric option to address some concerns about the lack of rear court power. Interestingly, Yonex have launched two Flashboosts in the Voltric series so this will be a first time that I write a review based on two distinctly different versions of the Voltric Flashboost.

On to my review

There are two Voltric Flashboost colourways to be explored ‘Green’ & Blue’

The lighter version is green and black leaving the heavier in blue and black, both with a nice matt finish.

The green version is a weight F which is around 70-74g and also features a G6 grip – beautiful! The blue version is a 5U (weight around 75-79g) with a G5 grip. It’s great to see Yonex rackets with the smaller grips. Both rackets arrived with the standard full length Voltric cover. It’s important to note that the maximum recommended tension on these frames is 24lbs. I would not advise exceeding this without losing your warranty.

So, with two different Voltric Flashboosts, strung to 24lbs I was ready to begin testing. The green version is noticeably lighter in the head and perhaps the weight is more centred around the throat. The weight in the blue version is more typically Voltric focussed towards the top of the racket head. It is also a stiffer frame. I know which version I’m favouring already, can you guess?

It’s hitting time

First up is the ‘Green’ Flashboost. It swings well for a super-light racket and has a more substantial feel compared to the Arcsaber version. Being lighter compared to the rackets I used recently, controlling the swing for timing takes a little adjusting, however I was soon used to the frame.

Picking up the ‘Blue’ version is like playing with Green’s more muscular sibling. The stiffer frame and added weight in the head is immediately noticeable. It has a closer feel to a standard weight racket but swings very fast… nice.

Overhead performance

Green takes a bit more effort to hit a length and, at times I almost lost track of where the head was. It hits pretty clean, easy to generate racket head speed but for me it lacked a punch.

Blue FB is considerably better. The heavier, stiffer, frame delivered more power combining the lovely head weight with a fast frame, albeit a touch slower than Green. Thumbs up here.

Drop shots on green were very sharp. There is still a feeling that the racket needs beefing up, however, drop shots were quick, sharp and encouraged more wristy type shorts which were fun.

The same can be said for Blue, but there’s an altogether more solid feeling on the stringbed which I preferred.

Onto the smash. Green delivered pretty well but almost feels a touch disappointing after hitting with blue. Maybe it’s an unfair comparison. Not surprising, Blue felt so much better, although being fair, compared to standard weight rackets so far, both have felt a touch thin or lacking.

Flat drives and pushes can be played all day. Green was lightning fast and certainly won the speed wars over blue. But, when I squeezed to generate a bit more power, Blue still won the points for me. We are getting into the territory where these rackets speak and open up. It’s good to find the speed a change in direction can be achieved with the smallest of movements. Smiley face time.


Green won the speed in defence title, but it was a lot more difficult to generate a lot of power to drive the shuttle flat. Timing is so important here and neither racket let me down. For blocks, changes in direction, mixed doubles defence at the forecourt, Green was more impressive, but by a narrow margin. Blue had the head weight to punch in the drive and carry the shot better.

Net area

Green just about won the touch and net kill game. The lighter frame is easy to move and helps your hands to be in the right place, if you can feel the racket face and don’t lose track. Blue is also superb and had a bit more weight behind the net kill, and yet I was able to stop the frame quickly when required.

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I’m not a big fan of super-light badminton rackets but respect that they have carved a place in the market and are increasing market share. Putting aside my preferences, I thought both Voltric Flashboost rackets made a good account of themselves and it was no surprise that I was drawn to the stiffer, heavier Blue version. I can imagine the defence minded and net dominant player could favour green and mostly likely will suit their style very well. A player requiring more beef, and still have superb handling for speedier situations may feel the Blue is a better option. Add to this, comparisons against other frames in the market and it will depend on your thinking and requirements whether you deem there is enough in either racket to warrant a closer look.

Voltric Flashboost ‘Green’

Voltric Flashboost ‘Blue’

A big thumbs up regarding the grip sizes which I believe will add to the appeal. These could be great rackets for developing players and children although see my comments later re price.

My only negative comment about either racket is the requirement for a lower string tension. This may be off-putting for some who prefer a touch more tension to improve control.

RRP is a weighty £185 and online retailers are selling for around £160 mark. It’s a lot of money for one racket and as always, players need to justify this in terms of what they get in return. I think this is where some players will have difficulty, requiring a bit more for their money.  I’ve received a lot of criticism for a giving lower ratings due to the price of the racket. But, to me, this is a consideration  in the value-for-money equation which is part of my rating system.

I had a lot of fun testing these rackets over a number of weeks. They only felt good for a short while and then I picked up a standard weight racket and I felt altogether better. Weighing up all of my comments including the string tension, grip sizes, playability and price, I am awarding Voltric Flashboost ‘Green’ 3.5 stars and Voltric Flashboost ‘Blue’ 4 stars.