What Will We Be Coaching at Lilleshall This Weekend 18/19 February 2012 and What Can You Learn From This?

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We're all getting excited here in the run up to our 5th residential badminton coaching weekend at Lilleshall in Shropshire, UK. As you know, I rarely mention the course at all on my blog posts, especially revealing some of the [...]

7 Common Causes of a Poor Badminton Backhand Clear and How To Correct Them.

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The most common badminton coaching question I’m asked by players is “how can I improve my backhand?” After studying badminton players on court and on video, there are a number of common faults emerging that can be corrected relatively easily. [...]

Improving Your Badminton Smash – Exercise 3

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This video provides an overview of the 3rd exercise outlined in my previous article '3 Simple Tips To Increase The Power Of Your Badminton Smash'. PLEASE ONLY VIEW THIS ONCE YOU HAVE READ THE ARTICLE [...]

Three Simple Tips To Increase The Power Of Your Badminton Smash

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One of the hottest topics I cover in my online coaching program is increasing power to your badminton smash. Wherever I travel to coach, there are always two major questions I’m asked How to improve the backhand How to [...]