How To Change Badminton Grip – The Master Skill

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I believe that one of the most overlooked skills in badminton is changing grip. If you are a player wishing to improve your skills, [...]

Badminton Training Videos – Using A Tennis Ball To Develop Your Badminton Skills

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Over the years, I’ve designed a range of tools to help develop badminton players at all levels. One of the simplest tools I use, and [...]

Discover a unique way of receiving badminton coaching, with information and playing analysis available to you wherever you are in the world.

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Since I launched my badminton blog in 2009 I have written numerous articles coaching articles, sometimes covering subjects rarely discussed by badminton players. I’ve also [...]

The Badminton Flick Serve – How To Use It Part One

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As badminton coaches we teach players about the dangers of lifting the shuttle. However, there are times when a lift can be tactically advantageous. [...]

Badminton Coaching for Pairs, Teams, Groups and Clubs

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This article has resulted from a recent enquiry for my residential coaching weekend. Here’s the story… A previous attendee from my first residential coaching weekend [...]

Designing Winning Tactics in Badminton – Part 3

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If you’ve been following this badminton tactics series of articles and have actually done something with the information rather than read only, then you’re [...]

Designing Winning Tactics in Badminton – Part 2

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I’ve had a number of good comments following the release of Part 1. Many thanks and I hope you enjoy Part 2. John says [...]

Physical Training in Badminton to Increase Your Vertical Jumping Power?

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Over the last year I have noticed an increase in emails from players enquiring about fitness training for badminton or improving leg strength to [...]