Learning to hit the shuttle with the correct badminton grip can be very difficult for players.

During my residential weekends, grip is the first essential we try to correct. It’s also the most frustrating too. Players are very good at showing the correct grip to me or my coaching team, and yet, when they prepare to strike the shuttle, their grip has completely changed. Grrrrr!

It’s frustrating for the player and the coach. The problem is the player loses concentration due to the distraction of watching the shuttle.

It can take a player weeks or even months of practice before they make the necessary correction. Note, it’s always the player who must correct, NOT the coach. We are merely guides. We can see what needs changing, advise and explain too. The actual change element is always made by the player.

I say this because players perspective can sometimes be lost. When results aren’t going well, they blame the coach for not fixing them. Of course, it’s the incorrect perspective, but coaches have to live with this whilst continuing to guide their players to improved performance.

I am sometimes approached by people to test products that are either in test phase or already on the market and not well known. Thankfully, I received a message from the team at GripFixer.com asking me to test their device, and I’m so glad I accepted!

Here’s my video review:

I have had the opportunity to test this product with a number of students and the results have been amazing. As I write this, I tested GripFixer with a student last night. He’s of a good standard but occasionally his grip slips. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard.” Within minutes of using GripFixer, his hitting was so much cleaner and everybody noticed the difference!

This is what I like… a simple but effective tool that has worked every time.

Following my testing of GripFixer, I now carry them in my bag everywhere I go. I will need a few more in due course because they have been so popular.

In my opinion, GripFixer is perhaps the most important accessory any coach MUST have. Thank you GripFixer.com for giving me the opportunity to test this amazing product.

(Please note: I have NOT been paid to conduct this review and I do NOT get any commission on any sales as a result of it).

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