Badminton GripFixer Equipment Video Review

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Learning to hit the shuttle with the correct badminton grip can be very difficult for players. During my residential weekends, grip is the first essential we try to correct. It’s also the most frustrating too. Players are very good [...]

How To Change Badminton Grip – The Master Skill

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I believe that one of the most overlooked skills in badminton is changing grip. If you are a player wishing to improve your skills, it is essential that you master grip changing. To me, it is THE master skill [...]

Essential Badminton Racket Maintenance That Too Many Players Ignore

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This badminton racket maintenance article is long overdue. As a tournament stringer, I see so many different badminton rackets. At tournaments, the pressure is on. There isn’t the time to spend on preparation of a racket. Generally, there’s just [...]

Changing A Badminton Overgrip

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Over the years I have watched players applying grips to their badminton rackets. I’ve learned that applying a grip to your racket is personal and there are a number of ways to accomplish this. My personal preferences [...]

How To Build Your Badminton Grip Without Adding Too Much Weight To Your Racket

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For years I’ve built a badminton grip for myself, tested hundreds of different grips from the racket and non-racket manufacturers. This provided me with a great deal of experience in grips and grip sizes to suit me. [...]