Why Is The Simple Stuff So Hard To Do?

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I recently sent out an email enquiring whether players were playing again. It was great to receive so many replies and hear such a [...]

Badminton Basics – At Home Training Exercises

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There are times when it is necessary to train at home. As I write this, Covid-19 is resulting in lockdown situations all around the [...]

How To Change Badminton Grip – The Master Skill

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I believe that one of the most overlooked skills in badminton is changing grip. If you are a player wishing to improve your skills, [...]

Essential Badminton Racket Maintenance That Too Many Players Ignore

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This badminton racket maintenance article is long overdue. As a tournament stringer, I see so many different badminton rackets. At tournaments, the pressure is [...]

How To Build Your Badminton Grip Without Adding Too Much Weight To Your Racket

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For years I’ve built a badminton grip for myself, tested hundreds of different grips from the racket and non-racket manufacturers. This [...]