Introducing the Arcsaber 10 badminton racquet, considered by many to be “the best in the range” and used by a high percentage of the pros.

The “top of range” racquets from Yonex are strung that little bit tighter, which makes it easier to test straight out of the bag. The racquet has great graphics, and as you expect from Yonex, a really solid feel. There’s very little twist on a Yonex racquet, which means in extreme conditions, your shot remains true. Many other racquets do not have the legendary built-in T piece which adds the “lateral” strength to the racquet. The additional movement in the frame from these other racquets can be sufficient to send the shuttle out of the side court.

The racquet has a lovely balance and feel for me. The stiff shaft is fine as I’m used to playing with similar racquets, so there was no adjustment required in my timing.

Immediately I hit the shuttle I was at ease. It was like playing with an old friend. Clears were crisp and true, and overall the racquet was a delight to play with. As expected, it responded swiftly at the net and in defence. I soon began wondering why I wasn’t playing with this racquet as my racquet of choice? Then I remembered, I chose the Armortec 900 Power because it was balanced with the weight slightly favouring the top of the head to give me that extra oomph in my smash. Not the biggest of hitters, this racquet gave me a little extra.

Yonex_Arcsaber_10_RacquetBack to the Arcsaber 10. Everything I tried with this racquet, from backhand clears to the tightest of spinning net shots, the racquet performed admirably. To be honest, it’s what I would expect this racquet to do bearing in mind it’s the top of the range.

There’s one thing I did notice and that was the speed that I could respond to a sudden change in direction or power. I was much faster with this racquet compared to my Armortec 900. I’ll have to work on that and do more armchair exercises!

There’s quite a debate on many forums at the moment about the price of racquets, and as you can imagine, Yonex has taken some heat over this topic.

With an RRP £170 is it worth it? In my opinion, this racquet delivered everything I wanted from it. Because choosing a racquet is so personal, to me it’s only worth it if it delivers exactly what you want it to do. The “feel” of the racquet and how it performs are critical in your choice. You must choose the racquet which meets these criteria alongside your budget.

For some, the Arcsaber 10 will be out of budget range and perhaps not the racquet of their choice. For others it will be the best racquet they’ve ever experienced. The only way you will know is to try one. Check with Yonex website ( and look up “demo days”) to see if there is one in your area. If so, go along and try out as many racquets as you can. It really helps you make the right choice and can save you a lot of money.

One important note. I’ve seen a lot of fake Arcsaber 10’s on ebay recently. There is no such thing as the “China version. ” As the saying goes, “if you think it’s too good to be true… is the best way to approach these adverts. I’ve known two people who have bought from ebay recently and regretted it. Why? Simply because the racquet looks the same – that is until you put one side by side with the real thing. Then you can easily spot the differences in graphics, the serial code on the ferrule, and most important, the twist in the head.

Rest assured, fakes are not made with the same materials and will NEVER play like the original. Unbelievably, the law appears to be on the side of the fakers. Yonex are trying very hard to have these sellers removed from ebay. Because they say the racquet is a “china clone” or words to that effect, they are effectively telling you it’s not the real thing and therefore cannot be prosecuted under various Trade Descriptions acts.

“Let the buyer beware” is probably the best way of looking at this. If you really want an Arcasber 10 badminton racquet, then expect to pay good money for it. I believe this racquet will serve (erm..sorry) you well.

If I had to rate this racquet I’d give it 4 stars out of my 5 star system. It loses a star based on value for money. For some, this will be a 5 star racquet but I just can’t help thinking how much more I would get from this racquet compared to a racquet selling at £80.00 Is this racquet really twice as good?

As I said before, choosing a racquet is extremely personal. Knowing how perfectly this racquet played for me, I’d buy it. I wouldn’t have any worries about what this racquet delivers and that is a major part in my decision-making. I know instantly that it is 100% reliable so I won’t be blaming my racquet if I perform below par. This racquet virtually has it all and if my Armortec Power 900 was taken away from me tomorrow, this is the racquet I’d turn to without a second thought.