There comes a time when we all decide to move on. You just know that you’ve come to the end of the line and that new challenges are required.

Since the beginning of the new season in September, one or two things were not right, unsettling and remained so throughout the season. This years All England Championships provided a chink of light regards what needed to happen. I learnt a lot at this tournament and made a lot of new friends.

As a result, this week I made the biggest change of my badminton life…

On Thursday, 16 May 2013 I resigned as a sponsored coach with Yonex UK.

I’ve used Yonex products since 1982, and been sponsored for a number of years as a Yonex Coach. We have many great years together and I’ve witnessed the immense growth of Yonex brand during our years together. We’ve had so many highs and throughout the years I’ve really grown to love the brand. To all the staff at Yonex, I’d like to say a big thank you for your support over the years. I’ve been tremendously proud to say I’m a Yonex Coach. And, I’m very sad to leave such a wonderful brand.

However, situations change and I decided that Paul Stewart Badminton needed to continue growing. I also wanted fresh challenges. My courses at Lilleshall continue to grow and I really enjoy the changes I’ve made over the years to make them even better. This year is proving to be our best year ever following the decision to run separate intermediate and advanced group coaching weekends.

This website continue to attract more readers and I’m so thankful to you for visiting every month to see what changes I’ve made. Whilst I haven’t been as active as I’d like, I do ensure the forum is up-to-date so please register if you haven’t do so already and add to yours or others badminton knowledge by asking questions and giving your opinions.

I have more plans for this website, so expect a new look over the coming months. Also expect a number of new articles including a 3 part article on tactics. Of course I will continue with racket reviews and you may also get a taster for what is to come on video shortly.

For now, I’d like to end by saying THANK YOU to my new sponsors VICTOR. I am looking forward to working with you over the years. We are both ambitious and looking to grow our brands. Together we will be a great team and I’m so looking forward to telling my readers what we’re doing, what’s new in the Victor range and much more as the season commences.