Since I launched my badminton blog in 2009 I have written numerous articles coaching articles, sometimes covering subjects rarely discussed by badminton players. I’ve also written so many racket reviews and recorded a few videos on specific elements of the game. However, I’ve never created an entire library of coaching videos to help you improve your play, get even more enjoyment from badminton, and understand more about the various techniques and skills required to become a better player…UNTIL NOW!

Finally, after months and years of trying to build a stronger coaching relationship with you I believe I have developed an online badminton coaching program that will provide you with more options than you can get from any other coaching program…

Announcing my International Coaching Club where you can learn at a pace that suits you and choose the topics you wish to learn…

There are a few coaching programs online that are very good and teach you many of the basics running through into advanced material. However, they are all set up as one–way communication. This is not the basis for any good coach – player relationship. No matter which sport you look at and regardless of the standard, the athlete’s relationship with their coach is based around mutual trust, respect and good two-way communication. Both the coach and athlete require feedback to build understanding which in turn helps with their continued progress and development.

And this is exactly what I wish to achieve with my International Coaching Club. Let me explain how it works…

  • Players like you register for the Club which within 12-24 hours gives you access to a bank of OVER 70 videos. These videos will help you build a solid foundation of basic skills which is essential when you are determined to improve your game. It’s fair to say that poor basics are the reasons why so many players at beginner, intermediate or advanced standards fail to improve. So the first stage is to improve your basics. I do this with private clients and on my residential coaching weekends. It’s a highly successful format, used by coaches, in all sports.
  • In addition to the expanding searchable library of videos, as a Club member you will receive access to a private Facebook group. This is the place where some, but not all of our communication takes place. You use this private group to post questions, comment on what you are learning, or to ask for more help. You can also email me direct.
  • The private Facebook group can also be used to upload your videos of you either playing a match or practicing a specific routine to improve a technique. This can be achieved via direct upload or providing a link to another video channel like Youtube. Other members can watch the video and comment OR you can send me a link via messenger and I will respond to you privately.
  • As the International Coaching Club is flexible, you can also suggest the content for future videos. I will then write the video and film at my next residential coaching weekend. The video will then be loaded into the library and released. How cool is that!
  • From time to time I will also run webinars or Facebook live sessions. This provides you with an opportunity to speak to me direct or send in your questions on the topic I will cover and I will answer them live.

After years of searching, I don’t know of anyone offering this level of program for players, do you?

By now you may be wondering the price of the International Coaching Club is and whether you will qualify to join. The good news is that it is open to all players who…

–        Do not have a coach and are struggling to find a coach to work with them

–        Do not have the time to commit to a regular coach but still wish to learn in their own time.

–        Work difficult hours and therefore do not have the opportunity to find a coach at the times they are available.

–        Want to play in a club but are not at the current level where a club will allow them to join.

–        Want to improve and keep it a secret from their badminton friends.

How Do I Sign Up?

There is more information on The International Coaching Club Page and soon you’ll be opening the doors to the library and taking a look at your first video.

I am excited and thrilled to present this very unique and special badminton coaching program to you. This is an ongoing, expanding, developing program that allows players like you to learn at the pace that suits you best, with me as your coach to push, encourage, teach you how to become a better badminton player.

This Club utilises my 25 years experience in coaching players from beginners to International standard. I look forward to working with you and developing your badminton at a pace that suits you and provide so many different ways for us to communicate and understand the difficulties you are having. Together we will overcome whatever challenges you face and help you reach your badminton goals!