This is the second racquet in my three racquet review tests. Having recently tested Arcsaber 002 it’s going to be interesting to see how these entry level Arcsabers compare.

The Yonex Arcsaber 003 Badminton Racquet is a medium flex, even-balance racquet. According to Yonex the colour scheme is orange although I would say my sample was closer to copper and grey with flashes of purple on the inside of the head. It arrived with a standard full length Arcsaber cover.

This is a 3U (84-89g) G4 (small grip) model. It is strung in Yonex BG55 string and like 002 has been strung at a higher tension than previous models and it’s all the better for it. BG55 is a good durable string and therefore compliments this frame for the type of player it’s aimed at.

It’s hitting time…

Compared to Arcsaber 002, I would say that the Arcsaber 003 delivered a slightly crisper feel. It could be the racquet was strung slightly tighter, or the medium flex shaft was a better option for me. However, clears were effortless. As usual there is a small degree of drag on the frame but doesn’t interfere with the overall result.

I felt smashes were a bit snappier with 003 and can only put this down to the slightly stiffer shaft. As with 002, the racquet has plenty of power and will certainly perform well offensively.

Defensively the 003 did a sterling job. I felt it had more responsiveness thaYonex Arcsaber 003 Badminton Racketn 002, again because of the stiffer shaft. The even balance and medium flex combination works well here. It’s easy to generate momentum with this racquet which really helps when driving the shuttle from a defensive position. The shuttle responds quickly off the strings and I’m sure this can only get better with increased tension.

The racquet performs adequately in the net area too. Again, the even balance allows pretty fast hands for net play so this could easily suit players who like to stop at the net and finish off the rally. The racquet certainly doesn’t feel too heavy that you feel as though your arm is dropping off from holding the racquet up at the net. That’s got to be a good sign.


Overall, a more favourable badminton racquet for me compared to Arcsaber 002 although that’s more in keeping with my personal preferences rather than inadequacies in the racquet itself.

The colour may be off-putting for some and therefore I don’t see this racquet getting the nod of approval over 002 in this respect. For some this could be the deciding factor between the two racquets.

RRP for this racquet is incredible at only £50. This means the online discounters will be selling around £40-45 mark so you’re getting excellent value for money, providing you can live with the colour. I do feel you’re getting a bit more than 002 although you’re also paying for it. That said it’s an excellent racquet for the intermediate player.

I do think the look of this racquet will put a lot of players off although I am judging on its playability rather than looks. Consequently I think there’s a bit more in this racquet compared to 002 and I therefore give it four star rating.