For years I’ve built a badminton grip for myself, tested hundreds of different grips from the racket and non-racket manufacturers. This provided me with a great deal of experience in grips and grip sizes to suit me. Testing by trial and error is the only way you will find the right combination for you.

For years I was searching for a light material that provided cushioning on grips without adding too much weight in the handle, otherwise the balance of the racket would be affected.

Badminton Grip Cushion WrapIt was during the All Englands in 2014 that I first spotted this foam material on the Korean players rackets. I was curious and hadn’t a clue what it was. Eventually, I discovered Victor’s GR50 cushion wrap, a very thin foam wrap that builds a badminton grip and provides cushioning against vibration from a racket, which is usually felt at high tension stringing. I’ve been using it since then.

The GR50 is applied through simply wrapping the foam around the grip. You’ll need to test how many applications are perfect for you, bearing in mind you will be adding an overgrip or grip on top. Generally, I apply the wrap from just under the ferrule to the butt cap. Some players prefer to wrap over the butt cap and this is when I apply an extra piece of tape to prevent tearing when I replace the overgrip. If you are applying a standard grip with the adhesive back, then you will always re-apply the GR50 from new. Removing the old grip will tear the foam.

I highly recommend this product as a safe way of building your grip without adding too much weight to the handle of your racket. I also like the vibration dampening effect it has when stringing at higher tensions.

It comes in a number of colours (which isn’t really that important as it will be covered up anyway!) – try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be converted.