The badminton low serve is a highly skillful shot requiring good control and a soft touch to ensure the shuttle passes close to the net and lands just inside your opponent’s court.

Having watched badminton played at all levels it’s apparent that players in general do not practice their low serve or take time to consider the tactical use of this serve. A good low serve is easily worth 5 points in a game, creating more pressure on the receiver. It’s the biggest weapon any player can possess. When asked what I would rather have a partner with a big smash or superb serve, I will take the serve option. If you can’t serve well, the opposition will punish your efforts, which will soon create loss of confidence. This is why most men try to be more aggressive to a female server in mixed doubles. Once confidence has gone, the pair are rendered helpless and it’s a tough fight to win a point.

This video was filmed to help you understand the tactical rather than technical aspects of the low serve. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something. Most of all, I hope you use the information you learn here and apply it in your games. I use it whenever I have the opportunity to play.

If you would like to watch more videos to help you improve your badminton serve, including the opportunity for you to send me a video of you serving for me to personally critique, check out my Online Video Library.