Designing Winning Tactics In Badminton – Part 4

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In Part 3 of this Designing Winning Badminton Tactics series, you discovered that co-operation with your partner provides the understanding to "design" the shots you must play to either allow you to  achieve your favoured formation or to stop [...]

Designing Winning Tactics in Badminton – Part 1

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Whenever you play a badminton game or match, you will inevitably be playing a tactical game, even if you don’t know it. This may be very simplistic, especially for beginners when hitting the shuttle to the rear court followed [...]

What’s New On Our Coaching Program at Lilleshall 10/11 September 2011?

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It seems only yesterday that we celebrated the end of the badminton season in UK. And suddenly it won’t be long before our new season commences. Whether you’re an individual or part of a team or club who’s looking for [...]

Is Your Mindset Destroying Your Chances of Winning Your Badminton Match?

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I’ve been following a very interesting thread on my forum recently where members have posted a range of scenarios that have contributed to a change in fortunes on court with disappointing and frustrating results.It’s sometimes very difficult to stop situations [...]

Secret Badminton Skills You Must Possess In Order To Out Manoeuvre, Outplay And Outscore Your Opponent To Win The Game – Part 3

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Summary In the first part of this series of badminton skills articles, you discovered the different style of player. In part 2 I shared my thoughts on identifying your opponents strengths and weaknesses via a skills audit, albeit most [...]

Are You Eating Your Way To Defeat? (Poor Preparation For Badminton Tournaments and Matches Usually Results In Poor Performance)

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I've received many questions about preparation for tournaments and matches. One of the key questions I'm asked time and again is about maintaining energy levels during a tournament or for an evening match when you've been at work all day [...]