Are You Talking Yourself Into A Poor Performance On Court? – Part 2

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In Part 1 you discovered the various components of performance which are conditioning, skill, nutrition and psychology. I challenged the belief that a third party can motivate you and explained that, in general, nobody can motivate you except yourself, [...]

What Do You Do When It’s All Going Wrong in Your Badminton Match?

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A forum member recently wrote about a tournament they played in. They reached the final and won the first game. Sadly, their opponents then changed tactics which resulted in a complete turnaround in the match, with the opponents winning the [...]

Building a Bullet Proof, Highly Positive, Super-Charged Badminton Player Who Simply Refuses To Give Up or Believe They’re Beaten Until The Last Point Is Won – Part 1

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The main theme in my last coaching article revolved around getting rid of bad behaviour on the badminton court that was leading to poor results. I provided a number of techniques which essentially involves “re-framing” what was happening and [...]

Is Your Mindset Destroying Your Chances of Winning Your Badminton Match?

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I’ve been following a very interesting thread on my forum recently where members have posted a range of scenarios that have contributed to a change in fortunes on court with disappointing and frustrating results.It’s sometimes very difficult to stop situations [...]