It seems only yesterday that we celebrated the end of the badminton season in UK. And suddenly it won’t be long before our new season commences.

Whether you’re an individual or part of a team or club who’s looking for coaching, there’s lots to look forward to on our course in September. So read on and remember, our course takes place early September so you get a lot of almost pre-season coaching and practice to give you, your team and club, a massive boost for the season ahead.

As always, you’ll find a packed program with enthusiastic and friendly coaches to help you every step of the way.

So, what are we adding into the program?  

Remember, the program is designed for intermediate players and advanced players. So, if you play in a club then you qualify to join us. Only beginners are not allowed onto the course. Onto, the exciting bit…

1)    How to play as a pair. Players like you are asked to partner players who may not necessarily complement your game. By learning a few basic questions and designing tactics based on the answers, you can easily improve your chances of getting the result you want. As a club player, I rarely saw this happen, and yet it’s the simple way of guaranteeing a better performance.

2)    Developing your mid-court game. Whilst many players are keen to improve their “big shots” such as the smash and backhand, the truth is more points are won from mid-court and forecourt skills.

So, in addition to developing your net game, you’ll also learn mid-court skills to out manoeuvre your opponents and set up weaker replies.

Of course, the “big shots” will always be covered in the program with additional coaching and practice available if you choose one of these shots as your “greatest challenge.” In the “greatest challenge” section of the program which falls after lunch on Saturday, you can choose one aspect of your game to work on. A coach is assigned to work on this with you for an hour.

3)    Advanced Defence Techniques. If you already possess an excellent defence, then we want to take your defence skills to the limit! In this part of the program the aim is to improve your defence techniques and skills. You will be working with special training racquets and placed under the most intense pressure.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be talking about specific skills you’ll learn on the course which I believe are critical to improved performance on court. You’ll find little reference to them so far on this blog.

A Personal Invitation from Paul…

If you’re serious about improving your badminton then I personally invite you to apply for this course by following this link.  In the last year we have run three courses at Lilleshall and received so many great comments about the structure of the course, the coaches, the organisation and the brilliant shuttles (Yonex Aerosensa 40).

“If your into badminton, then this is the course for you. You won’t walk away wanting more information, you’ll walk away with too much information! All aspects of badminton covered, and take in as much as you like. The course is made to suit you and any question you may have, someone is on hand to answer it. This course is unquie, you will be missing a great oppurtunity to improve your badminton in such a short space of time. Theres badminton courses, and then theres PAUL STEWART’S BADMINTON COURSE!  Pete Warman, Attendee – March 2011

“The quality of coaching was excellent with plenty of 1 on 1 time at each skill practice. I learnt in a weekend what would have taken months at a local venue or club. The course was well thought out and good value for money”. Emma, Attendee – March 2011

Places are limited as we have already received numerous applications including those from players who have been to all of our previous three courses. I’m looking forward to welcoming you back to Lilleshall and those new attendees who are keen to leave on Sunday with a complete new skill set.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. If you’d like me to telephone you, then please leave your phone number on the email.