I have had the honour to coach many players at Lilleshall National Sports Centre since our first residential badminton coaching course in September 2010.

During this time it’s been a pleasure to meet and work with so many keen players and to witness the amazing changes that take place on every badminton coaching weekend I’ve run.

Regular attendees, (now known as “smashers”) have witnessed changes to the course content as I continue to evolve what we offer with the intent to provide you with the best badminton coaching experience in the country.

Aside from this, I’m an avid tester, trying to find the best, most efficient ways to teach this brilliant sport with the aim of consistently getting great results for players of all standards.

With this in mind, my courses in 2013 will be very different from those I’ve run previously. So what’s new?…

In 2013 I will run a number of courses aimed at specific badminton standards. Therefore I will run Intermediate only or Advanced only courses, rather than have two groups and divide my time over the weekend. This allows me the luxury of personally introducing topics we haven’t covered before in sessions, or teaching from a completely different perspective. To be clear, I will lead the group for the entire weekend.

Places will be limited…

To ensure I can deliver an amazing course to one group, places will be limited to only 16 players for each weekend. This means we can also contain the group to just 4 courts providing easier coverage for the coaches to ensure we watch players even more closely than before.

On each coaching weekend I will be joined by 2 or 3 assistants to provide you with the highest coach:player ratio in the country. My assistant coaches are now firmly established and respected by course attendees and I am delighted to work with these brilliant coaches throughout 2013. These coaches are Ian Cross, Matthew Seeley, Stuart Preston, and Ross Hughes.

For those players who have already been on these courses before, I thank you for your patronage, especially those that have returned time and again to learn more. It’s always a pleasure to see you and smile at your progress. If you haven’t had the opportunity to join us, then I look forward to meeting you on court and helping you transform your badminton skills over the weekend we are together, and hope you find this badminton experience one of great fun.

For advanced players I have a weekend that is truly unique in terms of what you will learn and experience. For you, this weekend will be very different from any you have experienced before. The overall theme of the weekend is “pressure – how to create it and how to deflect it.”  It’s going to be an extremely challenging weekend in terms of the exercises, drills, knowledge you take away. This is aimed at building on your advanced skills and applying them in highly focussed sessions for different sections of the court.

For more information on dates for these courses, please see my Residential Coaching Weekend page or click on the contact us page and I’ll be in touch.

To your success in 2013 and beyond.