A Tale Of All Englands Badminton Stringing 2016 – Part One

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As March approached, all preparations for the Victor Stringing Team at 2016 All Englands were complete. As it's Olympic year, we were advised a record number of Victor sponsored players were descending on Birmingham to compete in the most prestigious [...]

A Few Badminton String & Tension Questions Answered

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Every week I receive emails from players like you asking me questions on stringing. The most common questions is Please tell me which tension and badminton string I should have in my racket. The player then goes on to tell [...]

A Badminton Stringers Tale from All England Badminton Championships 2014 – Part2

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In my tale so far we've travelled to Birmingham, set up base camp, scratched our heads over our missing and re-appearing sign without stringing too many badminton rackets. I left Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon for an evening engagement. Whilst at [...]

Why Egos and Incorrect Information About String Tensions In Badminton Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

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Imagine the scene. A young player is chatting to an experienced player at your club about racquets. Invariably at some point the discussion moves on to the subject of string tension. “My racquets are strung at 30lbs” says the [...]