Badminton Tactics: Attacking Formations In Doubles

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Doubles is an extremely fast game in badminton. The game requires competent skills, a great serve and excellent positioning. Watching intermediate standard badminton highlights the lack of understanding in doubles positioning at this level. In many cases, this is [...]

Badminton Level Doubles Rotation and Positioning – Q and A

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I recently received an email from one of my website readers asking me to help him with level doubles rotation and positioning. He specifically asked about whose responsibility it is for the 'next shot' in 3 different scenarios.  The [...]

Badminton Doubles Positioning – Level Doubles Basics Part 1

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In this first video of a three part series you’ll discover the basic badminton doubles positions on court, for level doubles when the shuttle has been lifted to the centre rear court.We discuss the roles of the attacking players, where [...]

Which of Paul’s New Badminton Training Tools Would You Like To Be Testing First At Lilleshall on 20/21 November?

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I’ll be brief. If you’re still undecided whether to join us on November 20/21 at Lilleshall, for my second Residential Coaching Weekend, then here’s something for you to think about… Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing some new [...]