I’ll be brief.

If you’re still undecided whether to join us on November 20/21 at Lilleshall, for my second Residential Coaching Weekend, then here’s something for you to think about…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing some new badminton training tools I thought of. The first badminton training tool has been a complete revelation in terms of doubles positioning. After only 20 minutes, I had two of my students moving together like a world class pair. Think what this could do for your game!

Many of the players who are joining us on 20/21 November expressed positioning as one of the key skills they wish to work on during the weekend. The bonus for them is that, at the time I hadn’t even thought about this tool, never mind used it! Now, they’ve really got a treat in store on Saturday as they learn to move as a pair rather than two individuals playing badminton together.

The second badminton training tool is really cool. It’s something I designed for multiple purposes. It can be used for serving practise, net shot practise and to speed up your reflexes. This is going to raise the bar for all attendee’s net play and I’m really looking forward to seeing their reaction when we’ve completed the specific training exercises.

So, which one of these badminton training tools would you like to be using? Which element of your game demands training in ways you’ve never had before?

Well, the only way you’ll be able to experience these tools for yourself is to sign up and come along.

There are only two places remaining and then I’ll be closing the doors on 2010 training. That’ll be it; nobody else will get the chance to go on court with me in 2010. And, unless I’ve already agreed to provide you with a private session, there’s no way I can fit in any more lessons until 2011.

If you’ve had a poor or mixed start to the 2010 season, this is your big chance to turn your season around and bounce back with new shots, plenty of surprises and a bucket load of tactics and knowledge to unleash on your unsuspecting opponents and team mates. You could be the talk of the club for all the right reasons!

And there’s more…

I now have two coaches joining me in November so we’re working on a coach/player ratio of less than 1:5!

This means that there will be even more personal time for you to solve some of your biggest challenges.

I’ve already told you about our first session after lunch tackling your biggest challenge head on. With these numbers, I’m expecting even bigger breakthroughs!

Are you sure you want to miss out when the odds are totally stacked in your favour to make such rapid progress in your badminton skills?  

What if you returned to your club games and found them pedestrian compared to the training you’d had? Ian did from his last visit and told us so. He’s coming back again to learn a lot more…

What do you think your team mates would say as you pounced on the net and floored another tight net shot?

What would they say as your backhand clears sailed to your opponents back line?

What would they say when you stood in defence like a brick wall, took the pounding your opponents threw at you and returned every shot with the command of a pro?

OK, it may sound as if I’m going overboard now, but, it’s the truth. You’re capable of learning a huge amount and we’re geared to ensure you get the best possible coaching experience in England.

Do it now!

Time is running out. We’ve only a matter of days before we will close the doors on this weekend training opportunity and you’ll miss out until March 2011 (our next course).

So, do yourself a favour. Book now to avoid disappointment. All you have to do is click the link below and complete the sample form to apply for your place.

I hope to see you on court on 20/21 November where you can experience these two tremendous tools and see how they rapidly transform your game!